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Stylish, versatile, and functional


Dress For The Journey

Foreign Fare is founded on the idea that exploring the world is enriching and life-affirming, that living and traveling well are worthy ideals to pursue, and that being prepared for the journey can make all the difference. These beliefs are reasons why we’ve created a collection of travel clothing that we hope will not only allow you to arrive in style but will inspire the journey in the first place.

The Perfect Stylish Travel Jacket Does Exist!

Introducing our lightweight and versatile Jetsetter Jacket, designed to keep things stylish while protecting you from the elements wherever your travels take you.

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Romance of travel, the spirit of adventure

Picture yourself strolling amongst the cherry blossom trees in Japan, the delicate pink petals fluttering around as you take in the beauty of this ancient culture, or imagine yourself wandering through the colorful souks of Morocco, with the scent of exotic spices filling the air. With our versatile styles, you can effortlessly switch from day to night or from city to country, without sacrificing comfort or flair. Our unique styles allow you to move with ease, so you can embrace every moment of your journey.

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The Traveling Trend Setter

Foreign Fare is the natural progression of Thy Mitchell's years working in retail and hospitality, her journey through motherhood, as well as her appetite for exploration. Over the course of a decade, Thy has felt that there was no brand specifically designed to provide stylish yet functional clothing tailored for modern travelers. Drawing from all these experiences, she created Foreign Fare: an apparel line crafted with modern adventurers in mind.

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